Commuting Tips

Commuters, recreational riders and competitive cyclists alike can minimize risks from motorists by remembering a few tips:

Be Visible 
Wear bright clothing, and if riding at night use clothing with reflective material.
Ride away from sight-blocking obstacles.
If cycling at night, use bright white solid lights and red flasher in the rear. 

Be Predictable
Maintain a steady line just like you were in a pace line with other riders.
Let overtaking and oncoming drivers anticipate your path and pass safely.
Don't weave in and out of traffic or parked cars.

Be Assertive

Ride in the street.  Take the lane!
You have the same right to the road as a motorized vehicle.
If there's debris broken pavement or another cyclist that makes you uncomfortable, move left.

Use hand signals to indicate a turn or stop.
Make eye contact.
Signal thanks when a motorist yields to you.
Smile (like Chris Horner) and show how much more fun you're having on your bike.

Thanks to Paul Dorn

Bicycle Commuting Checklist
A checklist helps make the commute easy, safe, and healthy.

Use a high quality bike lock.
Safety apparel: Helmet, mirror, gloves, glasses, bright clothing.
Cycling apparel: extra layers for warmth, rain gear.
Lights front and rear, reflectors and a bell. 
Clothing for work.  Remember the little things like socks, tie and underwear.
Toiletries. Make sure you take everything you need to clean up when you get there.
Books, papers, work items you need for the day.
Plan your route before ride. 
Park your bike in as safe a place as possible.
Enjoy the ride, smile and breathe.