Up Top™ - Frame Mounted Clutch

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Just as every car needs a glove box, so does every bike need a frame mounted Up Top clutch. Up Top is the ideal place to stow smaller, easy to access items such as a phone, camera, wallet and keys. The entire Joy Ride Collection is made with the highest quality, durable and weather-resistant materials so it’s ideal for life’s little adventures on and off the bike. In addition to the safety features listed below, Up Top’s interior is fully lined and comes complete with two magnetic snap closures, ID sleeve, inner phone pocket and a Joy Ride heart charm.

Safety features include

  •    High Visibility Reflective Top Tube Hook & Loop Safety Straps
  •    LED Light Loops™ to mount safety light
  •    Joy Ride Rider's License™ - emergency ID card

Product Dimensions

   6"L x 1.5"W x 4"H

Up Top is just one of four new safe and fun bicycle mounted bags by Joy Ride.

Joy Ride -- the safe and fun way to roll!

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