Bike Bumpers™ - Stem and Handlebar Pads

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Bike Bumpers™ - Stem and Handlebar Pads


Are the old safety pads on your bike looking a bit worn and torn? Upgrade your bike’s safety while completing the full Joy Ride look! Bike Bumpers fit easily onto handlebars of 16” - 20” bicycles – the high-density foam padding and highly visible reflective strips and logos make Bike Bumpers a great way to spiff up your ride! The entire Joy Ride Collection is made with the highest quality, durable and weather-resistant materials so it’s ideal for life’s little adventures on and off the bike.

Safety features include

  •    • Easy on/off
  •    • Reflective stripes
  •    • Weather resistant
  •    • Hook-and-loop fastener
  •    • High density foam padding

Joy Ride -- the safe and fun way to roll!

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