Moto Duffle™ – Handlebar Mounted Bag

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Designed for the trendy boy on the go, Moto Duffle is as practical as it is cool! The Handlebar Safety Straps™ on Moto Duffle make it easy to install – just buckle the straps over the bars and off you go. The entire Moto Racer Collection is made with the highest quality, durable and weather-resistant materials so it’s ideal for life’s little adventures on and off the bike. Moto Duffle’s interior is fully lined and comes complete with ID sleeve and a zip- closure. Additional safety features are listed below:

Safety features include

  •   • High visibility reflective trim
  •   • Handlebar Safety Straps™
  •   • LED Light Loops™ to mount safety light
  •   • Moto Racer Rider's License™ - emergency ID card

Product Dimensions

   9"L x 4.5"W x 6.5"H

Moto Duffle is just one of four new safe and fun bicycle mounted bags by Moto Racer.

Moto Racer -- the safe and fun way to roll!

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